Buy Seeds

Starting a vegetable garden

If you want to start your own vegetable garden the first thing that comes to mind is to buy seeds.
Growing your own vegetables is great fun and so is choosing seeds, especially because there are so many different types of seeds. Buying seeds is therefore part of the whole process of starting a vegetable garden. The choice between regular seeds and organic seeds is up to you. The big difference is that organic seeds come from organically grown plants that have grown without pesticides. You can also ask other gardeners if they have any seeds you can use or if they have small plants left for a quick start.

Buy seeds online

 There are dozens of seed companies with multitudes of seeds, all ready to be purchased. But, with such vast options, and so many kinds, it’s challenging to know which one to trust. Successful gardeners research and buy seeds from a trustworthy seed company because they understand good results start with superior seeds. Online seed webshops often have a wider range than a garden center and it’s of course also very easy to buy the seeds online. In our webshop you can buy seeds with free shipping above a certain amount. We have more than 700 different types of (organic) seeds  and we ship them super fast!

Varieties of seeds

It is best to buy your seeds online because there is the largest range. You can buy seeds like endive, cauliflower and tomato anywhere but the difference is in the varieties. Think, for example, of the Melon seeds Piel de Sapo, the Cucamelon seeds or the yellow cucumber seeds. In the Netherlands it’s easier to get this variant but in Belgium, for example, it is still difficult to get these. That is why our advice is that it’s best to order all seeds online with a fast delivery and a lot of choice!

Where to buy seeds?

That is a good question! Especially with the current offer in garden centers, flower shops, do-it-yourself stores and, of course, seed webshops on the internet. You can buy your (organic) seeds online in our Dutch garden seeds webshop. With over 700 varieties, the range is quite large. The seeds ordered before 5 p.m. are shipped the same day. Even during the busy season!

Exchange seeds

It’s always fun to exchange seeds with other gardeners. You can search Instagram or Facebook pages for gardeners who want to exchange seeds. You can take a look at the following facebook pages :
  • vegetable gardening with children
  • vegetable garden
  • vegetable garden for advanced users -vegetable garden women
These are all fun and active pages where gardeners share their experiences and seeds!

How long can you keep vegetable seeds or flower seeds?

Seeds usually have a longer shelf life than the best-before date stated on the bag of seeds. The reason for the date is that until then there is still sufficient germination power to guarantee the quality of the seeds. Most last for a couple of years if stored in a dry cool place, depending on the type of seed and its quality. For example, there is a big difference in spinach seeds or tomato seeds. Some varieties of tomato seeds have even been known to germinate after as long as 16 years! Usually the seeds you buy can be used for another 3 or 4 seasons.

Tips for storing seeds

Storing unused vegetable or flower seeds does require some care. To remain viable, seeds must not be exposed to any moisture or extreme temperature fluctuations. They should be kept in a cool dry place. Some people store them in sealed plastic bags, while others keep them in glass jars in the refrigerator. Whatever works best for you is fine, but the important thing is that they not be exposed to moisture. Wetness can quickly cause mold to grow, killing the seeds.