Square Foot Gardening

What is Square Foot Gardening?

An square foot garden is actually gardening in containers of 1,20 x 1,20 meter and divide it into 16 equal compartments where you can easy sow seeds and later enjoy your own fresh vegetables, even with a small garden! Nice and easy so... when do you start?

The founder of Square Foot gardening

Mel Bartholomew, the founder of Square Foot gardening,  invented a new way of gardening in the 1980s: Growing more in less space.

Square Foot Garden Seeds

"Jelle" the Dutch Mel Bartholomew, gave his own branding to the bags of seeds. We also got the opportunity to sell this kind of bags of 'easy' vegetable garden seeds to get everyone who is not yet gardening, come into the garden. It can be so much fun and easy! There are 25 different varieties of 'easy' vegetable garden seeds. Think of Rocket seeds, Beet seeds, Spinach seeds, Endive seeds, Lettuce seeds and for example Carrot seeds. These varieties are specially selected and grow well in the square foot vegetable garden.

Sowing of seeds for everyone?

Indeed! Everyone can sow seeds to grow their own vegetables, flowers and herbs. It's simpler than you think. Often watering is already 80% of the success rate. Especially if it's a square meter, you don't have to spend too much time on it. Daily 10 minutes and after a few weeks you have delicious fresh vegetables or herbs from seeds that you have sown yourself! Besides the fact that it is very healthy, it is also very instructive. For example, go "into the garden" with your children or grandchildren.

Direct link to the Square foot Gardening Seeds

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