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Organic Seeds

Organic seeds of Buzzy seeds and de Bolster is grown, cleaned and packed according to the organic production method which is recorded and monitored by the Skal foundation. Greener than green and healthy for everyone. 

At the webshop of Dutch Garden Seeds we have now more than 110 varieties of organic seeds!  

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22,70 20,75 (inc tax)
12,95 (inc tax)
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2,69 (inc tax)
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2,69 (inc tax)
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2,69 (inc tax)
2,69 (inc tax)

Organic Seeds online

Organic seeds can be bought in many webshops and gardenshops. In our webshop we have a very large assortment of organic seeds. Seeds without the use of chemicals. More than 110 different kinds of organic seeds of the brand Buzzy Seeds and De Bolster. For example, organic beetroot seeds, organic endive seeds, organic cauliflower seeds or organic onion seeds. The seeds are fresh and have a long shelf life. Also, the wide range of organic seeds will be sent above 20 euro without shipping costs! You can also contact us if you have any questions.

Organic Seeds registration

These organic seeds are identified by the EKO quality mark. For the packaging of the seeds our supplier has a Skal certificate under registration number 014 725 and 014218 in the Netherlands.