Start a vegetable garden

If you want to start a vegetable garden you will have to deal with many different things. We have a summary of these things.

Consider, among other things, the following matters:

The seeds for a beginner

There are several kinds of seeds or cuttings that you can buy if you just want to start a vegetable garden or a flower garden. In many different webshops you can buy a vegetable seed starter pack or a organic seed starter packet.  Of course also in our online seeds webshop. This package contains 6 different types of vegetable seeds. Think of the strawberries, zucchini seeds, lettuce seeds, wild rucola seeds, beet seeds and other kind of seeds. These species are relatively easy to breed. In addition, herb seeds are also easy to grow.

So it depends entirely on how much space you have, how much time and how much patience you have. But it is therefore more fun to see vegetable growing of seeds that you have cultivated by yourself.


The soil preparation for the desired result

If you get a garden where the grass grows, you can start the following menu:

With a garden blue (about 15 euro) turn out all your weeds and place in a corner on your first compost heap. The bare ground springs, not too big bumps, otherwise you may notice your back. Then, let the garden rest until the end of February. A pair of hands cows and lime over and over again with your garden blue, again spits and again with your garden blue, loosen up and chop off everything. Create some walking paths and you are ready. Possibly the footsteps of wood chips for a nice view.


The stuff you need among other things:

Large shovel, small shovel, big scissors, small scissors,, rake, water jet,


The time you have to put in:

The time you have to put in your garden is also dependent on the types of vegetable seeds, herbs, pods or flower seeds that you want to grow. One kind of vegetables needs more attention than the other. In addition, the weather also plays a major part. If the day is dry, it is necessary to give water in a timely manner. Weedlands must also not be forgotten. This often comes back daily.


Working together in the garden:

It's essential that you work together. Either way, it can be very convenient and easy to work together. Several people have more knowledge than one. In addition, the one sometimes has seeds of a certain kind of vegetables and can be exchanged in this way. Also, it may be useful to rent a machine together to allow the garden to stay well at the end of the season, or to assist the gardeners in changing the garden.


Garden associations:

The Netherlands has many different garden associations. It is often fun if you enjoy the garden together with other gardeners and of course sharing experiences. Also, most garden associations have an active group of volunteers who occasionally organize fun things. Think of a pruning course, a BBQ, Easter brunch etc.