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De nieuwe website is live!

by Customer Customer

Hello Garden Friends,

We are very proud to announce that our new website is live! We have done the first 5 years with our beautiful website, but it is completely renewed, fresh and mobile friendly. Nowadays Google is making more and more demands on a good and reliable website and we can certainly meet these demands now! We also integrate the offer in Pounds for the English market. Please take a look: www.dutchgardenseeds.co.uk

New Products

We have also added a number of new products to the total:

Summer Squash Seeds Striato d'Italia

Chard Multicolor Seeds Bright Lights

Swiss Chard Seeds Yellow

Swiss Chard Seeds Rhubarb Chard

Onion Seeds Rossa lunga di Firenze

Spinach Seeds Mustard Komatsuna

New season

We are already busy to prepari us for the coming vegetable garden season. The stock is counted, everything is neat again, seeds that were close to the end date are removed, so we're going to do our utmost best to deliver again everyone on time his seeds this year.


Dutch Garden Seeds


Busy season...a lot of happy customers...short holiday

by John Doe

Hello Gardenfriends!

It has been a while since we wrote a news item. This is mainly because the season has going on for a long time this year. First very cold, then it became warm and then ... no more rain, especially in the Netherlands. Of course, high temperatures without rain mean that you have to work hard in the vegetable of flower garden!

This season we have again many new customers and we have received many comments about it. Luckaly almost all positive! That’s why we always do our best for you and our customers.

We have a short holiday from Friday 3 August till Friday 10 August. We will process your order, as soon as possible of course. We hope that you will understand our situation.

We wish everyone a good holiday!

New Organic Seeds available!

by John Doe

New Organic Seeds available!

What a wonderful weekend was this! The ideal weather to work in the garden. And that is why we have added 6 new types of organic seeds to our range for you:

* Organic Seeds Leek de Carentan 2
* Organic Summer Carrot Seeds Merida F1
* Organic Broad bean Seeds White
* Organic Climbing French Beans Seeds Helda
* Organic Summer Squash Partenon F1
* Organic Squash Yellow


Que Semer en France et Quand ?

by John Doe

Nous avons ajouté quelque chose d'utile à notre site web, spécialement pour nos clients français : un outil pratique pour voir ce que vous pouvez semer en ce moment ! Un texte contenant toutes les informations pour ce mois, donc plus complet que le calendrier de semis. Vous pouvez consulter ce texte pratique en cliquant sur ce lien :


Flower seeds for Friendly Flowers

by John Doe

Winter is slowly coming to an end, which means that preparations for the new gardening season is in full swing. That's why we are also renewing our product range. This week we have added the beautiful collection of the Friendly Flowers flower seeds. These flowers help you to bring nature back into your garden by attracting birds, ladybirds, bees and butterflies. Beautiful mixes of more than 20 different kinds of flowers with a seed range of up to 15m 2!

Discover them quickly: Direct link to the frendly flower seeds


Increase of minimum order amount for free shipping of garden seeds

by John Doe

Hello Garden Friends,

As of 1 January 2018, PostNL will again increase its rates by 7%! There seems to be no end to it.... Moreover, they also have the' graduated' 100gr. -250gr. Adjusted to 100gr. -350gr. Within the Netherlands, this expansion seems to be a good gesture, but for the rest of the world, the rate rises by almost 24%! Unfortunately, this has some consequences for us and of course also for our customers.

We must therefore make some changes as of the 1st of January 2018. Our new shipping structure for both domestic (NL) and international shipping will look like this:

Orders above from € 15, - we will still continue to send FREE shipping (applies to all bags of seeds).

For orders up to € 15, - we charge € 2,95 per order. We hope for your understanding!


New kind of (organic) Garden Seeds

by John Doe

Hello garden friends!

We have added the following new kind of garden seeds:

14 kinds of organic seeds (including various radishes, carrots, beets, lettuce and herbs)
13 kinds of flower seeds (including Geraniums, sun hat, poppies, Spanish daisies and edible flowers)
2 kinds of vegetable seeds (Bimi Broccoli and Yellow Gardenrack Gold)

In short, a nice new product range for the coming year!

Furthermore, all bags of seeds will have a new and refreshing look. Some bags are already renewed, but the the onther ones will follow ...


Holiday break!

by John Doe

Dear Garden Friends,

Many of you already enjoy a well-deserved vacation. It is now also vacation time for us! We are a week of because of a short holiday break, but not annoyed! On our website you can just order seeds and of course more things...

All orders we got in the week from 7 till 11 August we expected to ship them on Monday 14 or Tuesday 15 August. We hope for your understanding.

Via this way, we wish everyone a great holiday period!

P.S. Soon more news about many new types of organic seeds which we have added to the assortment!


Gardening season 2017

by John Doe

Hello Garden Friends,

The gardening season 2017 is in full swing! Around the time of writing, the weather is beautiful and the temperatures are between 15 and 20 degrees. You would almost consider planting out right now, but beware! There still may come some cold nights. We always wait for the passing of the Ice Saints before planting out.

At this moment, still 98% of the orders are send out the same day when ordering before 5 p.m. We are very proud of this and we think you, our customers, are very happy to hear this too. So we will continue this service!

These past few months we have added many new types of seeds to the assortiment. Ranging from different kinds of Herbs Seeds (including peppermint and lemon balm), Vegetable Seeds (including peppers, purple broccoli, purple kale, hot peppers, lemongrass) and a few new different types of Organic Seeds!

Furthermore, the bags of seeds are gradually renewed. The new bags now have a fresh look!

Lots of greetings,

Gerda & Marina

It is still not too late to sow your (organic) vegetable seeds or herb seeds!

by John Doe

Hello Garden Friends,

It is still not too late to sow your (organic) vegetable seeds or herb seeds. For some species it is advised that they first will be 'pre' seeded in your home or in the greenhouse. Herbs can be sown outside directly. So you can still buy / order garden seeds! They will be delivered very fast, and don’t forget, the delivery of your seeds is free!

Until the next post!