Is spring coming? Are you ready for it?

Hello Garden friends and Garden friends,

Storm Louis has passed and, according to us, the damage was fairly limited. A few more showers are expected over the next few days, but after that..... it looks like we will be in calmer waters. The wind will ease and the sun will show itself more often. (read more drier days than rainy days).

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Dear Gardening Friends,

First of all; We wish you all the best for the coming year and of course a good health! 

The time has come! We can PRE-order the seed potatoes! Unfortunately we cannot deliver all of them yet, but the good news is that they are already in the pipeline. So you can place the complete seeds order including seed potatoes, seeds, Garlic and Plant onions.

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Dear gardening friends,

It's been a while since we last sent out a newsletter. The holidays are over and we're already busy with the new season. I'm sure you're all harvesting and perhaps some of you are still sowing. The weekend ahead promises to be favourable in terms of sunshine and temperature, making it ideal weather for gardening.


Het Moestuin Seizoen is Begonnen!!


Hallo Tuinvrienden en Tuinvriendinnen,

Hoewel we een paar weken geleden dachten dat het voorjaar al zou beginnen, krijgen we de komende dagen toch weer wat koude nachten voorgeschoteld. Gelukkig komen we wel in wat rustiger weer terecht, de wind zal gelukkig bijna wegvallen. Dit betekend vaak koude nachten, dus mocht u al heel enthousiast zijn begonnen met het zaaien.... 

Zaaien in Februari?


Hallo Tuinvrienden en Tuinvriendinnen,

In januari hebben we vele van u al een bestelling zien plaatsen, waarvoor dank! We hebben deze ook vaak dezelfde dag nog verstuurd dus de eerste tuinders zijn al begonnen!

New Seeds - Sowing in November...


Dear Gardening Friends,

The end of October and the beginning of November are coming closer and closer. Most of you are busy or have been busy emptying the garden and getting it ready for winter.

Too late to order seeds? No problem! Fast delivery guaranteed!


Dear gardeners,

Many of you probably already have a number of seedlings in bloom, but there are probably also many who do not yet have any. No problem, there is still time to start sowing!


New kind of Organic Seeds on Stock!


Hello Gardening Friends,

What a weather! Hard winds, snow, rain and more misery. In our hometown Volendam we only had snow flakes. In the course of the day we even had sunshine! 

What can we sow in April?


Dear Gardening Friends,

We have enjoyed the beautiful weather over the past few weeks! (at least in NL and Belgium) Many of you have already started in the vegetable garden and are busy with the basics for the autumn.

Spring starts now!


Hello Gardening Friends,

We have been so spoilt these past few days! Wonderful weather to work in the garden. We see that everyone has enjoyed this week and this seems to be only the beginning.

The vegetable garden season has started again!

Dear gardeners and gardeners, 

The last few days have been rough. Strong winds and lots of rain have affected the gardens. We hope that your garden or greenhouse was spared the worst. We do see on the various facebook communities and on Instagram that a lot of people have problems with the water or a broken greenhouse. This is of course very annoying.

Order on time your Garden Seeds, shipping time can be longer than normal.


Dear Garden and Gardening Friends,

We hope everything is well with you and your family. It is January and many of you are already busy with the gardenplan for 2022. During the last few months we have add many different kind of new pieces in the webstore. At this moment we have more than 110 different kind of Organic Seeds in stock and 500+ 'normal' seeds! 

Pre-Order Seed Potatoes and New Organic Seeds online

Hello Gardening Friends,

First of all, best wishes for the coming year and, of course, lots of health! 

The time has come! We can order the seed potatoes! Unfortunately we cannot deliver them yet, but the good news is that they are already trickling in slowly. So you can place the complete order including seed potatoes.