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Hello Gardening Friends,

What a weather! Hard winds, snow, rain and more misery. In our hometown Volendam we only had snow flakes. In the course of the day we even had sunshine! 

What can we sow in April?


Dear Gardening Friends,

We have enjoyed the beautiful weather over the past few weeks! (at least in NL and Belgium) Many of you have already started in the vegetable garden and are busy with the basics for the autumn.

Spring starts now!


Hello Gardening Friends,

We have been so spoilt these past few days! Wonderful weather to work in the garden. We see that everyone has enjoyed this week and this seems to be only the beginning.

The vegetable garden season has started again!

Dear gardeners and gardeners, 

The last few days have been rough. Strong winds and lots of rain have affected the gardens. We hope that your garden or greenhouse was spared the worst. We do see on the various facebook communities and on Instagram that a lot of people have problems with the water or a broken greenhouse. This is of course very annoying.

Order on time your Garden Seeds, shipping time can be longer than normal.


Dear Garden and Gardening Friends,

We hope everything is well with you and your family. It is January and many of you are already busy with the gardenplan for 2022. During the last few months we have add many different kind of new pieces in the webstore. At this moment we have more than 110 different kind of Organic Seeds in stock and 500+ 'normal' seeds! 

Pre-Order Seed Potatoes and New Organic Seeds online

Hello Gardening Friends,

First of all, best wishes for the coming year and, of course, lots of health! 

The time has come! We can order the seed potatoes! Unfortunately we cannot deliver them yet, but the good news is that they are already trickling in slowly. So you can place the complete order including seed potatoes.

Seeds in 2022: Increase prices for seeds and for free shipment + Seed potatoes NEW in assortment

Seeds in 2022: Increase prices for seeds and for free shipment + Seed potatoes NEW in assortment

Sowing in October and New Seeds


Hello Gardening Friends,

In the Netherlands they expect this weekend a few beautiful days and then.... autumn seems to start. Strong winds and temperatures of around 13 to 15 degrees during the day. Of course in other coutries the weather can be different.

Harvesting, Holiday Season and How to grow vegetables?


Hello Gardening friends!

The last few weeks we have seen more and more gardeners harvesting their first vegetables! That's great! Delicious home-grown vegetables, by yourself, you put in the effort and then enjoy. Fortunately, there was also some rain now and then (a lot in some places..) and we hope that your plants have survived this well.

New Organic Seeds! More than 110 different Organic seeds!


Dear Gardening Friends, 

The weather is just not what it should be... It remains cold, rainy, sometimes hail but fortunately also sunny from time to time. In principle, the weather is conducive to growth, but for many species it is actually just too cold for growing outside. Think, for example, of the tomatoes and sweetpeppers. Despite the fact that it has been ice saints, sometimes there is still ice coming from the sky ;-) 

The weather is already starting to get better and beautiful flower seed packets

Good day everyone,

Here's another little message on our news page.

It looks like the days are getting a bit warmer and the nights are getting frostier too, see the picture above.


Hello gardener friends,

From March onwards, most people get the itch to start. First make a vegetable garden plan, then buy vegetable seeds, then pre-sow and wait until the plants are big enough to repot them. Of course, the temperature is important too...


We wish you a happy and healthy 2021!

Hello Garden friends,

We wish you a happy and healthy 2021!

15% Green Friday Discount!


Hello garden friends and garden girlfriends!

15% Green Friday Discount! 27th of november 2020

The preparations for the new season are in full swing and of course we want to be a part of it. That's why we give a 15% discount on 'Green Friday' (black friday action) on everything in our assortment! On top of that, free shipping from 15 euro for bags of seeds only! To activate this discount, enter the code: GREEN as promotion code. Through this link you can go directly to the website:

New in stock! Bimi Broccoli seeds and Onion Exhibition seeds!


Dear Garden Friends,

The news of the day is, of course, the Covid-19 infections. This affects many of us, either directly or indirectly. To 'forget' all this for a moment, gardening is a very good occupation. Most of us will have emptied the garden by now and/or even made it ready for the winter.