How to grow vegetables?

Advice for growing cucumbers

Growing Cucumber

We cultivat cucumber a lot in our vegetable garden. When growing cucumbers, there are certain things you should pay attention to. Growing cucumbers is not easy, but the result will be worth it. Compare the own cultivated cucumbers with those from the supermarket and you will immediately see and taste the difference.

Advice for growing radish

Growing Radish

Radish is a very easy, fast and therefore a ideal vegetable to grow. The radish is also known as one of the best vegetables to grow for the novice gardener. Do you want to know more about sowing, growing and harvesting radishes?

Advice for growing Spinach

Growing Spinach

Spinach is easy to grow and contains an enormous amount of nutrients. From now on, leave the bags of vegetables in the supermarket and grow your own spinach! Just put the seeds in the ground and nature does the work.

Advice for growing Broccoli

Growing Broccoli

Broccoli is full of vitamins and nutrients and is therefore also called a ‘superfood’. Would you like to grow your own broccoli? We give some advice to help you sow, grow and harvest broccoli.

Advice for growing Lettuce

Growing Lettuce

Lettuce is super healthy and tasty. Lettuce is also very easy to grow. Read more about growing, sowing and harvesting lettuce indoors or in the kitchen garden.

Advice for growing squash

Growing Squash

The summer squash is a member of the cucumber family and is rich in iron and vitamin C. Although squash does not have a strong flavour on its own, it is a great addition to a curry or pasta and is also healthy!

Advice for growing tomatoes

Growing Tomatoes

Do you want to grow your own tomatoes? Lycopersicon is the Latin name and is known to all as a tomato. It is a popular fruit that you can grow in a sunny spot in the garden, on your balcony or on the terrace.

Advice for growing strawberries

Growing Strawberries

Growing your own strawberries from seeds is a fun activity. The strawberry seeds are very small. If you start to grow the seeds at home at the end of February, the first seedlings can be put outside at the end of April. The taste of homegrown strawberries is excellent.

Advice for growing eggplants

Growing Eggplants

You can start growing aubergines early on. It takes on average about 3 weeks before the first seedlings see the light of day. Start sowing from the end of January at a constant temperature of about 20-23 degrees. What you have to do to grow aubergines in the right way, click on the green bar.

Advice for growing spring onion

Growing Spring Onion

Advice for growing leek

Growing Leek

Leek is a vegetable species that has been around for more than 4000 years and was one of the first vegetables to be described in cookbooks. Growing leeks is fun and the result after waiting 90 to 150 days is definitely worth it. Click on the bar for more tips.

Advice for growing carrots

Growing Carrots

Freshly harvested carrots taste delicious and full of vitamins - much better than any other kind of carrot you have ever had. You don't need a home garden or large backyard to grow carrots. Anyone can grow this easy vegetable in a large or small garden.

Advice for growing cauliflower

Growing Cauliflower