Microgreens seedsMicrogreens are also known as micro- or germinated vegetables. It is a collective term for vegetables and herbs that can be harvested at an early stage. You harvest them as a germ or leave them to grow further in order to harvest them as young leaves. Sprouting vegetables are very healthy and versatile.
You can recognise them by their fresh and spicy flavour, which makes them very suitable as a flavour enhancer in such as soups or salads.

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The Microgreens collection consists micro leaves and baby leaves. Micro leaves are the germs and therefore the youngest 'stage'. You harvest and eat both the stem and the leaf. Baby leaves let you grow a littlebit longer. These are the young shoots of the plants and you can only eat the leaves. Buzzy
Microgreens is available in the following types:

Baby Leaves:



There are quite a few advantages to Microgreens. They are fast and easy to grow. Both indoors and outdoors and all year round. Micro vegetables are healthya nd incredibly versatile. So there's really no reason not to try it out.

Microgreens are extremely healthy. These young germs still contain all the nutrients that the plants will use in later stages to grow. They contain a lot of fibres and less calories.

Sprouting vegetables are especially rich in carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins A and C and contain a lot of minerals. Examples are calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. Sprouting vegetables also contain relatively a lot of antioxidants. So they are not only delicious, but also a very healthy addition to your meal.

If you want to start growing vegetables on your own, you can use micro vegetables to make the most of them and it is not really miss out. Sprouting vegetables have few demands. You can use them both indoors and outdoors and easy to grow. So you don't need a large garden or terrace. A small pot on the
window sill is enough. There are special grow kits that you can use quickly. This can you use for the micro leaves. Baby leaves should preferably be sown in the garden or, if you don't have a garden, in the open air.
at your disposal or in a tray inside or on the terrace. Micro vegetables do not have seasons
so they can be grown all year round. Finally, you will soon get results from your work! Some species can be harvesting a week after sowing!

Both micro leaves seeds and baby leaves seeds are easy and fast to grow. There is some difference between the two species: Baby leaves are best grown in the soil, preferably in the open ground. Micro leaves can grow in soil, in special grow kits or in a container with a wet layer of cotton wool, for example.

Take a receptacle and fill it with a thin layer of soil or a layer of wet cotton,kitchen roll or cotton wool. Sprinkle the seeds over this layer and then cover with another thin layer of cotton wool, layer of earth or other material. Place the receptacle in a warm, light place and keep it moist.
You will soon see the seeds germinate and you will probably be able to harvest after a week. Have you seen the seeds sown in soil, then cut them off just above the ground. Have you sown in a grow kit or on
cotton, you can eat the germ in its entirety.


Although your baby leaves can also be grown in this way, but we prefer to sow them in the open air. Sow them shallowly and cover with a thin layer of soil. When the seedling has gotten some pretty leaves, you can pick these and eat.

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