Friendly Flowers Attracts Birds

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Sowing instructions

This box contains two bags. One is filled with a sowing medium (a granulate of corn cobs) and the other is filled with the seeds a mixture of one- and two-year-old flowers. Live both bags in a bowl and stir them well together.

Make sure the soil where you want to sow the flowers is about 3 to 4 cm. deep, tasty loose and nice and cuddly. Spread the mixture out of the bowl as evenly as possible over the ground. Approximately 3-4 grams per m2. After sowing, gently press down the soil. E. g. with a shelf or just by hand, so that the seeds come into close contact with the soil. Carefully spray the area sown and keep moist until the seeds germinate.

The sowing time is from March to June.

Flowering starts after about 6 to 8 weeks after sowing. The two-year-old flowers will bloom in the following year.

Buzzy Friendly Flowers Flowermix seeds for Birds (40-100cm high) gives your garden for a longer period of time a floral splendour with little maintenance. In this box there are flower seeds for 20 species of flowers that have been designed to attract as many birds as possible to your garden and thus also provide food. These flowers produce the seeds the birds love.

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Buzzy Seeds
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