Growing Cucumber

Grow your own cucumbers in a greenhouse or vegetable garden and the results will be delicious! The taste of home-grown cucumbers is nothing compared to cucumbers from a supermarket. We always say: Cucumber from the supermarket is green but has almost no taste! This is totally different of home grown cucumbers. Home-grown cucumbers are fresh and have a great taste.

Growing your own cucumber

Growing your own cucumber is quite a heavy job, but once you have done it, you can enjoy a deliciously fresh and above of all a healthy vegetable. Nowadays, it seems to be more and more into the category of fruit because it is often enjoyed as a delicious healthy snack. This is because the cucumber consists for the biggest part water, vitamins and minerals.

How to grow cucumbers?

How to grow cucumbers; we will try to explain step by step. Growing a cucumber starts with a cucumber seed and ends with a beautiful cucumber plant. Of course, it always starts with the choice of the right seeds. What do you prefer; long thin cucumbers, thick cucumbers, yellow cucumbers, F1 Hybrid cucumbers or the popular snack cucumber? In our web shop, we have cucumber seeds for everyone. We even have 3 kinds of organic cucumber seeds.

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Sowing Cucumber

The process starts with sowing cucumber seeds. For the best results it is advised to start in a small seed trays or pots e.g. 9cm x 9cm. Per tray it is most convenient to put in 1 seed. The reason for putting the seeds in such a 'big' tray right away is that the plants grow quite large and have to stay in these pots for a long time. The roots have to be good and firm.

Growing cucumbers in the greenhouse

For germinating the seeds properly, it is necessary to keep them wet. But keep in mind that the soil should not stay damp too long. To prevent this, it is advisable to put the pots in a warm place, for example behind the window in the sun or in a greenhouse. Cucumbers are an ideal vegetable to grow in a greenhouse. Please note the following points when growing cucumbers:

Growing a (snack) cucumber in a breeding pot

First choose which cucumber you want to grow. The regular cucumber, the organic cucumber or the Snack cucumber.
Sow the cucumber seeds in a breeding pot: You sow them in pots: one seed per pot, measuring about 9 by 9 centimetres. This size is advisable because the cucumber seedlings grow quite large before they are allowed to go outside: the seeds can then make extra strong roots. You can use special sowing soil for sowing and cover the seeds with some coarse sand or a mixture of sand and potting soil. This is the way you can easily grow the cucumbers in a pot.

Growing cucumber in the kitchen garden

It is possible to grow cucumbers in the vegetable garden. However, cucumbers and cucumber seeds do not like the cold days. It is therefore advisable to grow the cucumbers in the vegetable garden in a greenhouse or an enclosed area. Given the changing temperatures in the north – west part of Europe, it is wise to sow the cucumbers not too early. If you start sowing in mid April or early May, you are just in time to move them later when it is warmer.
Make sure the seeds stay moist by giving them enough water: but also make sure the soil doesn't stay too wet. It is advisable to put the potted seeds near a sunny window frame at room temperature. Therefore, the advice is still to sow cucumbers indoors.
Our advice is to always let the cucumber plant climb. This has many advantages, including that the plant then needs relatively little space and that the plant can’t be damaged by wet soil or pests.

Cucumber sowing and growing

When the plants are large enough, which is soon because the cucumber plant can grow very quickly, you can move the plants. This can already be done in mid/end of May. As previously described, cucumbers love heat, so growing them in a greenhouse is preferable.

From sowing to growing to harvesting

Harvesting the cucumber is very important. When you think it is big enough, they are ripe for harvesting. But beware! If they hang around too long, this can affect their taste. But also cucumbers can then become too heavy, which can damage the plant. So good support for the cucumber plant is a must.

Cucumber growing tips

  • Don't put the cucumber plant in full sunlight
  • Use the plant simply as decoration. The plant produces beautiful yellow flowers
  • Think also of the Cucamelon, snack cucumber, or the cucumber yellow.

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