Growing Garlic

How do you grow garlic? That is the question we are going to answer. Not only that question but also questions like where and when do you plant garlic? Is garlic healthy? We will answer these questions.

What types of garlic are there?

Garlic has been written about for centuries. Garlic was introduced to us in the early 1950s by guest workers from Morocco and Turkey who brought garlic with them. It is written that there are more than 100 varieties of garlic! We can divide these into winter and spring garlic. The most famous types of garlic are:

  • Winter Garlic Messidrome
  • Garlic Flavour
  • Plant garlic White Giants
  • Vallado
  • Organic autumn garlic Morado
  • Siberian Autumn Garlic Bio

When do you plant the garlic?

The question of when to plant garlic depends on which garlic variety you are going to grow ( winter or spring garlic. ) A easy way to remember when to plant  winter garlic: 10-10-10. On 10 October, 10cm apart and also about 10cm deep. Just make sure the soil around the garlic is well draining. The reason for this is that the garlic does not like wet feet very much.

You can plant the summer garlic from the end of March / April. This depends a little bit on the weather.

Both types have some advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of the fall garlic is that it gets more time to grow and  therefore usually gets a little bit bigger.

Can you also use the garlic from the supermarket?

Yes it’s possible but the question is whether this also achieves the desired result. The reason not to do this is because the garlic often has no offshoots. The bulbs of garlic that you buy from the seed trade (like us) have been specially grown for this purpose and will eventually achieve the desired goal... delicious fresh garlic from your own garden!

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Where do you plant garlic?

Garlic likes to grow in the sun and not in a place where it often gets wet feet. So the soil must be well draining. You can also grow them on a raised bed to keep the feet dry. Adding some compost will certainly help the growth of the garlic. Please note that crop rotation must take place. The advice is after growing garlic in a certain place to not grow garlic at the same spot for the next 5 years.

Is garlic healthy?

Garlic is very healthy! It contains many vitamins, such as vitamins A, B1, B3, B5, C, calcium and copper. Not all health claims are well substantiated, but it is said that it is good for your immune system, for cardiovascular disease (lowering blood pressure and cholesterol), there would be some positive reaction to types of cancer and it would even can prevent baldness?!

How do you store garlic?

Garlic can be stored for quite a long time. As long as you make sure it's not too cold where you store them. Around 16 degrees and in a dark dry place, that way the garlic can remain in good condition for the longest time and does not mold.

Where do you buy garlic bulbs for planting? ..and where not?

As described earlier, you can buy the garlic bulbs for planting at various seed shops. Most varieties are available from the beginning of September. Usually around the 10-10-10 planting time, most winter garlic varieties are sold out.

Does garlic stinks?

Garlic doesn't stink, garlic has a strong smell! It can only have a less pleasant smell coming from someone's mouth (or from your own mouth of course) if other people haven't eaten garlic....

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