Growing Onions

You can grow onions in different ways. The fastest method is of course using onion bulbs. They can be eaten in the same year. But it is also very nice to start the sowing process from the beginning and grow onions from seeds. There are also onion seeds whose cultivation takes 1 year in total.

Sowing and growing onions

Sow between March and mid-April in rows 25 cm apart and about 5 mm deep. Thin out later so that the plants are about 5-10 cm apart.

Planting onion sets can be done in March and April with a planting distance of 25 x 10 cm. Store the onion sets in a cool and dry place before planting out.

Location and soil

For the cultivation of all types of onions, a loose soil structure, rich in humus and evenly moist, promotes growth. Onions prefer a sunny, warm spot.

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Care of onions

Onions grow on any type of soil. The soil should not be too wet. If necessary, give the plants a fertilizer containing potassium. Please note that the nitrogen levels  are not too high.

When can you harvest onions?

You can harvest most varieties from August to September, when the foliage turns yellow and dies. The onions can then be pulled out of the ground and you can let them dry in an airy spot. Please note ; do not do this in full sun.

Store onions

Onions can be stored until spring when they are stored in a dry, cool place.

Are onions healthy?

Onions are very healthy. They contain few calories and many nutrients such as various types of vitamin B, vitamin C and they are rich in minerals. The amount of nutrients differs per type of onion and in what way the onion is processed also plays a role. A number of nutrients are lost during cooking or baking.

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Tips for growing onions

Do not use manure as a soil improver, but well-rotted compost. Manure or compost that has not yet been optimally digested attracts the onion fly.

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