Garlic! The delicious Winter Garlic Messidrome


Hello Garden friends,

After last week's mail we received a number of questions whether we also sold garlic. Not then...but now we do! The variety we sell is Messidrome Garlic. This is a real winter garlic that has earned its spurs in recent years. To go directly to the Garlic, click HERE

Furthermore, we have a beautiful weekend ahead of us...enjoy!


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If you are still looking for a delicious 'vegetable' to grow during the winter months, think of the winter garlic Messidrome. This is a delicious white garlic that you plant in October.

Garlic is a 'bulb' that consists of a number of epididymis or often called 'cloves'. Every garlic variety has its own smell. This odour is determined by the place and condition in which the plant grows. To go direct to the garlic, click HERE