New Seeds - Sowing in November...

Dear Gardening Friends,

The end of October and the beginning of November are coming closer and closer. Most of you are busy or have been busy emptying the garden and getting it ready for winter.

November does not mean that nothing more can be sown at all, there are quite a few kinds of vegetables that can still be sown.

Think of rocket for example, this delicious 'vegetable' can still be grown.  Inside the greenhouse or even outside is still possible. Otherwise, take a look at the website to see if there are any seeds left for you: 

Microgreens and sprouts 

During the wintermonth's you can also grow Microgreens indoors or sprouts. This are the healthiest vegetable varieties available. Take a look at the extensive range: 

Organic Sprouts and Microgreens (not organic)

New Seeds

In the meantime, we have also added a few new varieties of seeds to the range. These include the organic pumpkin Jack O'latern. Click HERE or at the picture below this email.

Sowing instructions for Vegetables and Herbs

We are working to write many tips and tricks for growing and sowing different kinds of vegetables and herbs. We have not finished this yet, but it is being worked on. This is definitely worth to take a look:

How to grow vegetables

How to grow herbs