Order on time your Garden Seeds, shipping time can be longer than normal.


Dear Garden and Gardening Friends,

We hope everything is well with you and your family. It is January and many of you are already busy with the gardenplan for 2022. During the last few months we have add many different kind of new pieces in the webstore. At this moment we have more than 110 different kind of Organic Seeds in stock and 500+ 'normal' seeds! 

 It look like the covid situation is under control and more and more countries give the citizens more 'freedom'. Unfortunately the current covid situation is still causing delivery problems in many countries. This can also has an impact on the lead time to your country. Currently we see delays in Ireland (10-12days), Spain (8-12days) and Portugal (10-15days), but also other countries we can't guarentee the normal leadtime.

Yes, there is still plenty of time to start sowing, although a lot of customers are getting quite nervous already. Prevent that this is happening to you and follow our advice to order on time to avoid disappointments. Order direct: www.dutchgardenseeds.co.uk

New in stock

Small Watermelon seeds Tigrimini F1

Flower Seeds Lambs Tails

Seed potatoes

We have more and more seed potatoes in stock, so we can deliver faster. We have 16 varieties of seed potatoes of which 4 are organic (the organic seed potatoes Carolus are expected the coming week, the other organic seed potatoes the 2nd week of February). You can already place a pre-order. We are very proud to be able to offer these varieties to you and to be even more the online address to order everything for your vegetable garden. Meanwhile, we have already made several customers happy with seed potatoes. Directly to the seed potatoes on the website.