Buy your garden seeds on time! Busy time is coming!


Dear Gardening Friends,

What a beautiful weather! Also the weather forecast is good!
How lucky are we?! The last few days the weather started to get a bit better and this weekend it will be even the best days of the week! Absolutely ideal conditions to make the first preparations in the garden. There is certainly enough to do for everyone.... ;-) 

The preparations also include checking the seed tray. Which seeds are still there and what do you want to sow next year. 

In any case, we are ready to pick your order and ship:

Sow Calendar

Many of you have probably looked at the sowing calendar in the past. Maybe it's a good idea to take it for what can and can't be sown. This is the direct link to the sowing calendar 

Buy your garden seeds on time

The coming weeks are very busy for us, so you can help us to buy your seeds on time. Today, we still ship all orders placed before 7:00PM.


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