Pre-Order Seed Potatoes and New Organic Seeds online


Hello Gardening Friends,

First of all, best wishes for the coming year and, of course, lots of health! 

The time has come! We can order the seed potatoes! Unfortunately we cannot deliver them yet, but the good news is that they are already trickling in slowly. So you can place the complete order including seed potatoes. We will then deliver the shipment as soon as the seed potatoes of your choice are available. We expect this to be by the end of January or early February.

Seed potatoes

We have 16 varieties of seed potatoes of which 4 are organic. We are very proud to be able to offer these varieties to you and to be even more the online address to order everything for your vegetable garden. Directly to the seed potatoes on the website.

New organic seeds

We also have 3 kinds of new organic seeds:

Organic cherry tomato Sweetie

Organic cherry tomato yellow pear shaped

Organic Flower Mixture for Bees

Mycorhizza / Fungi

Mycorrhiza is the collective name for fungi that help the roots to strengthen the plant. Mycorrhiza also occurs naturally in the soil, but with extra addition, you will see that the root network under the plant will be expanded, so that the plant will grow faster, as well as having a stronger base and producing more. To say that this is the future of soil cultivation is perhaps a bit too ambitious, but in some areas mycorrhiza will certainly help and be used. Direct to the website with mycorhizza / fungi