Pre-order Seed Potatoes Right Now! Also Onions and Garlic!


Dear Gardening Friends,

First of all; We wish you all the best for the coming year and of course a good health! 

The time has come! We can PRE-order the seed potatoes! Unfortunately we cannot deliver all of them yet, but the good news is that they are already in the pipeline. So you can place the complete seeds order including seed potatoes, seeds, Garlic and Plant onions. We will deliver the order as soon as the seed potatoes of your choice are available. We expect that this will be by the beginning February. Go Direct to the website: 

Seed potatoes

We have 16 varieties of seed potatoes of which 4 are organic. We are very proud to be able to offer these varieties to you and to be even more the online address to order everything for your vegetable garden. Directly to the seed potatoes on the website.

Some examples:

  • Organic seed potato Carolus
  • Organic seed potato Agria
  • Organic seed potato Sevilla
  • Organic seed potato Raja / Alouette
  • Seed potato Bintje
  • Seed potato Frieslander
  • Seed potato Lekkerlander

We are very proud to be able to offer you these varieties to make us the online address to order everything for the vegetable garden in one go. Go directly to the Seed potatoes on the website.

PLEASE NOTE: For the purchase of Seed potatoes and onion sets we are forced to charge shipping costs. NL/BE/DE € 5,95 / FR 9,95 / Rest € 17,50

Organic seeds

At the moment we have more than 175 different kind of organic seeds on stock! 

Direct to the Organic Seeds on the webpage