Spring starts now!

Hello Gardening Friends,

We have been so spoilt these past few days! Wonderful weather to work in the garden. We see that everyone has enjoyed this week and this seems to be only the beginning. According to the weather forecast the coming week can even get 20 degrees in the South of Holland and Belgium. Delicious! 

Despite the nice outlook, it is still March ... and the famous saying goes: "March turns its tail" . So, anything is still possible in the coming weeks. 

But... You can make a good start in the greenhouse or even with some beans / pods, spinach, lettuce and even tomatoes can be grown in the greenhouse!

Many of you have already ordered seeds, for which we thank you! 

If you want to order more seeds, please visit www.dutchgardenseeds.co.uk

Sowing calendar

The sowing calendar gives you some extra guidance to see what kind of vegetables you can grow now in order to have a delicious harvest in the summer.

This link will take you directly to the sowing calendar.

Our product range

Our assortment consists of more than 650 different kinds of seeds! We are actually trying to increase this number with quality in mind. Of these 650 different kinds of seeds, more than 110 are organic! We dare to say that we belong to the top when it comes to the supply of organic seeds. 

SKAL certification

To be able to sell the organic seeds, we also have to register them. This registration is to keep the chain as traceable as possible in case of problems with the seeds. Last year, we happily passed with flying colours and received the certificate from the SKAL. We are very proud of this!


We are looking forward to it! We are ready to process your order 7 days a week!