The vegetable garden season has started again!


Dear gardeners and gardeners, 

The last few days have been rough. Strong winds and lots of rain have affected the gardens. We hope that your garden or greenhouse was spared the worst. We do see on the various facebook communities and on Instagram that a lot of people have problems with the water or a broken greenhouse. This is of course very annoying. 

The good news is that the forecast for the coming period of about 10 days is that it will remain dry with sunshine! Spring is coming.....

Everyone is so ready for it! Order your seeds now so that you will have nice, sturdy plants to sow later in the year:

What to sow in March?

Below the visual display of the sowing calendar, we have some more information on what to sow in March. It is worth taking a look here: Sowing calendar

How to grow vegetables?

We have created a complete new page describing (in a small tutorial) how to grow different types of vegetables.  We will be adding more and more different types of vegetables to this page as time goes by. Directly to the growing page: Grow your own vegetables

On to spring!

We are looking forward to it and are ready to serve our customers 7 days a week.