The weather is already starting to get better and beautiful flower seed packets


Good morning everyone,

Here's another little message on our news page.

It looks like the days are getting a bit warmer and the nights are getting frostier too, see the picture above.

So of course I hope you will order your seeds soon, or maybe you have already started?

The opinions on when to start sowing the seeds differ enormously. Some people start pre-sowing in January and other gardeners prefer to start in the garden at the end of April. Fortunately, everyone has their own opinion and is free to decide for themselves.

Yesterday I made a nice vlog about the different flower seed packages I have in the webshop, you can watch it on our instagram page: 

If you want to link directly to the page with flower seed packets, click here: flower seed packets

I wish you lots of gardening fun and see you soon!