Hot! Now Sowing? New Seeds!


Hello Garden friends,

It's been so hot these past few days...! The vegetable plants and flowers were crying out for water. The soil is hard and dry. It is difficult to absorb water at the moment and therefore it is extra important to give enough water and if necessary to loosen the soil before you water. Don't forget to 'water' yourself from time to time... :-)

Sowing at this time of the year?

If you still want to sow something, think of RocketSpinach or Leaf Lettuce. These species grow relatively fast. You can then enjoy delicious home-grown vegetables before winter falls. Otherwise check the website:

New kind of Seeds

Despite the heat we are busy with beautiful new texts with interesting facts about different kinds of vegetables and flowers. In addition, the assortment is slowly being expanded. Newly included are the 'normal' Rocket seeds and the Rocket Wasabi seeds. In addition to this variety, the Organic Herbal Seeds Package is also available again from now on! 


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