What can we sow in April?


Dear Gardening Friends,

We have enjoyed the beautiful weather over the past few weeks! (at least in NL and Belgium) Many of you have already started in the vegetable garden and are busy with the basics for the autumn. The glorious period seems to ending and the start for 'normal' temperatures that belong to the time of year. Keep in mind, it is still march..

So if you have certain types of vegetables outside, remember to bring them inside in time for the winter showers to arrive. 

Sowing in April

The time has come to pre-sow almost all types of seeds. Some can be sown in the greenhouse or even directly outside. Check the sowing calendar to see which species are of interest to you: SOWING CALENDAR


The Seeds website

To go directly to the website, this is fine, you are here allready.

New Friendly Flowers flower seeds

We have also bought a new kind of flower seeds. It is a box containing flower seeds for edible flowers. 1 box is enough for 15m².

The seeds are 'unfortunately' in a box, so we are forced to charge shipping costs of € 5.95 to the Netherlands / Belgium / Germany and € 9,95 for FR and UK

To go directly to these seeds click HERE.