Organic Celeriac Balena F1

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With the organic seeds of this Celeriac 'Balena F1' , you have seeds that grow the best celeriac available. Particularly... Read more

With the organic seeds of this Celeriac 'Balena F1', you have seeds that grow the best celeriac available. Particularly suitable for Dutch and Belgian gardens (in terms of weather conditions). This celeriac has nice firm white flesh and a skin with few brown spots. The variety certainly does not flower quickly and is very resistant to the cold.

Celeriac performs best in cold, wet conditions. Therefore, this vegetable is an excellent alternative for less well-drained soils, especially since celeriac needs a lot of water during cultivation. After harvest, celeriac can taste a little bitter. Storing the tubers for a few days just above freezing makes them a little sweeter.

After harvesting, the celeriac can easily be stored for 2 weeks, as long as it is cool.

Take care when harvesting: as with parsnips, the leaves can cause some skin irritation. If sensitive to this, wear gloves and long sleeves.

These organic seeds have a certified organic coating around them, which makes growing easier.
De Bolster

Sowing instructions

Pre-sowing: 10-12 weeks before transplanting. Note: Celeriac germinates very slowly. Do not scatter, keep the potting soil moist.
Transplant: end of April-mid June

Harvesting: August-November, approx. 150 days after transplanting (optimal for good storability)