BIO / Organic Curly Kale Westlandse

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  With the organic kale seeds ' Westlandse Winter ' of the Bolster you grow a medium-high kale with beautiful dark... Read more


With the organic kale seeds 'Westlandse Winter' of the Bolster you grow a medium-high kale with beautiful dark green leaves. It can remain on the field in winter and becomes sweeter when it has frozen.

100% organic seeds of de Bolster

Organic' means that the seeds are completely free of genetic modification (GMO). In the case of GMO, people make artificial adjustments to the DNA of the plant. De Bolster is opposed to this technique. We from Dutch Garden Seeds also think it is important that everyone in the world has access to healthy vegetable varieties that only contain properties that occur in nature.

European BIO quality mark

Because the seeds are 100% organic, the Bolster may carry the European BIO quality mark. With seeds from De Bolster you can be sure of a 100% organic start to your cultivation! Many other growers have already enjoyed this brand!

De Bolster

Sowing instructions

Sowing from early spring until early summer in seedbed in open ground. Plant out after 5-6 weeks.