Which seeds to sow in April

Perennials in the vegetable garden can now be divided and transplanted. Think for example of the Mountain Ache, a plant which requires a lot of water during the summer. The same applies to Rhubarb. Large rhubarb plants can be divided with a shovel. Pea plants that are now growing need support and should be staked, even low pea plants.

Sowing seeds outside

You can sow beans in regions where no more (night) frosts are expected, the beans can be planted in mid-April. Or in mid-May if there’s still a change of frost. An overnight soak in warm water will speed up the emergence considerably. Floating seeds can be discarded. In the first few days after sowing, a little watering is desirable, but not too much to avoid rotting.

Don't forget  to sow rocket seeds, a really delicious variety for salads.

There is an old saying that marigolds and marigold roses are repellent to all aphids and flies because of their strong, characteristic smell! So don't forget to sow these seeds in rows between onion seeds and carrot seeds etc.