Which seeds to sow in June

This month, tomatoes need to be kept under control. Water regularly and mulch well at the foot of the plant. Plant marigolds around the tomatoes to prevent insects from destroying your tomato plants. The Tomato plants may need a little fertilized with a lot of potassium.

Which seeds to sow?

This month you can still sow all varieties of cabbage seeds: white cabbage, red cabbage, Brussels sprouts and kale. For cabbage seeds it is important to sow them deep in the soil. After growing, they should be watered well.

In addition to the cabbage varieties, all other vegetable varieties can be transplanted and planted into the ground. Of course you should water regularly during the summer!

It is time to sow gherkin seeds in the ground

The melons must be pruned in time. If you have sown them yourself, it is important to remove the third leaf after the first two have grown. In this way, new stems are created. If each new stem has three leaves, remove this new tip again. Let 5 to 6 fruits grow on each stem. And remember not to plant melons near cucumbers!


Plants get many runners (the new plants for next year). Keep only the runners that are closest to the plant and remove all the others.

Cabbage maggot

Some people find it very romantic, these beautiful white butterflies flying over the vegetable garden. But beware: they are bandits! These cabbage maggots lay their eggs (yellow piles) under cabbage leaves. If you are not careful, there are countless small caterpillars in a short time, busy eating the leaves. It can help to sow cabbage seeds (white cabbages, red cabbages, Brussels sprouts and kale) close to strongly scented crops. For example, cabbage maggots do not like the smell of tomatoes. An infused extract of tomato leaves works wonders.