Cutting of Rosemary

Rosemary is a plant that looks great in any garden. Rosemary is an evergreen so leaves will remain green in the winter. You will not be able to resist touching the leaves when you walk by and enjoy the wonderful smell of this herb.

When to sow rosemary

You can sow rosemary indoors in a pot or directly outside in the ground. From March you can start sowing indoors. Transplant or sow the rosemary seeds directly in the ground in mid spring. Rosemary seeds take a long time to germinate and it is recommend to start them indoors. 

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How to sow Rosemary

As already described, you can start sowing indoors or under glass in the greenhouse from March / April. If you want to sow rosemary seeds directly in the garden it is recommended to do so from the end of April or the beginning of May.

Keep a sowing distance of 30 cm. this allows the plant to grow.

Sowing Rosemary:

  1. Sow the rosemary seeds not deeper than 5mm deep.
  2. Cover the rosemary seeds with a thin layer of soil.
  3. The rosemary seeds germinate best at a constant temperature between 15 and 23 degrees.
  4. Keep the seeds moist but not soaked.
  5. Herb seeds usually take longer to germinate than vegetable seeds. The germination of rosemary seeds takes about 3 to 4 weeks.

When to Harvest Rosemary

Rosemary can be harvested after about 4 months. This is of course  depending on the weather. It takes 5 months from seed to harvest. Sow April, harvest September.

Where to sow Rosemary

Rosemary can be placed in partial shade as well as in full sun. Rosemary likes warmth.

Rosemary seeds

Rosemary seeds are brown seeds that are quite large. They look a little like brown nuts.

Rosemary cuttings

  • The best time to start with rosemary cuttings is in August. Then it is still nice and warm and the cuttings can take root well before it gets colder.
  • Take a side branch of the rosemary plant and pull it off in such a way that a piece of the main branch also comes with it.
  • Remove the bottom leaves from the rosemary cutting. 
  • You can use some cutting powder to promote growth
  • Place the twig in a pot with sowing and cutting soil. You can place several cuttings in a pot. Moisten the soil well and make sure that it also remains moist but not soaked.

You can cover it with a plastic transparent bag to keep it moist. 

After about 6 weeks, the plant will start to grow and you can transfer it to a larger pot ( max. 1 cutting per pot. ) or outside in the ground. 

Freezing rosemary

It’s best to eat rosemary fresh. If you freeze rosemary the taste will diminish  and this would be a shame for all the effort you put into it. It is possible though:  Clean the rosemary with some water, dry it slightly and then remove the needles from the twig. You can then freeze the needles in a freezer bag.

Drying rosemary

You can dry rosemary by placing the twigs in an airtight jar. It’s important to use an airtight jar otherwise the Rosemary will lose flavor quickly.

Growing Herbs

Growing herbs is a healthy activity. Besides that you are actively involved, it is also wonderful to always have fresh herbs around. Almost all herbs have a medicinal effect and health benefits. In the webshop of Dutch Garden Seeds we have more than 40 different types of herb seeds. Of these, there are about 15 Organic herbal seeds.

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