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Rosemary seeds

Rosemary seeds are about 3mm in size, brown hulls actually containing a seed. Rosemary is a plant that stays beautifully green all year round, making it a nice perennial in the kitchen garden or regular garden. Furthermore, the scent of the stems is delicious. Where is the best place to sow rosemary or how to sow rosemary? We have explained further information on a separate page. Clicking HERE will take you to this page and you can read additional information about growing rosemary. 

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Buy Rosemary Seeds

Buying rosemary seeds in the Dutch Garden Seeds webshop does not only mean buying rosemary seeds, but also 700 other varieties plus accessories. In short, the web shop to go to.

Buy Herbs seeds

The complete range of herb seeds in the online store of Dutch Garden Seeds consists more than 40 types of herb seeds. Many types of herb seeds you can sow and harvest all year round. Buying herbs seeds is a nice way of passing the time, especially with the future result in your mind. Buy herbs seeds in the web shop of Dutch Garden Seeds easy and secure.