Sowing and Planting of Chamomile

Sowing chamomile doesn't take too much effort. Chamomile grows almost anywhere and produces beautiful flowers that spread a delicate scent.

So, easy to grow in the allotment, as well as in the ordinary garden or on the balcony.

Sowing and planting of chamomile

Chamomile can be sown from mid-March to early June. It is recommended to do this directly in the open ground. The  seeds can still germinate after a long time. Chamomile will never really disappoint you, because of their beautiful flowers, which can grow up to 70 cm high, and the wonderful fragrance they spread. The question 'how to sow chamomile' is actually quite easy to answer. Spread the seeds widely, at a distance of about 25 cm. Covering is not necessary (but can be done, but only very lightly as they are light germinators), but moisten the seeds well. After that, the growth can begin!

You can also pre-sow. For example, place 3 seeds per seed planting pot, moisten the seeds and put the plant in the open ground when it is strong enough. Maintain a temperature of around 15° to 20° degrees during germination.

Position and soil

You can sow chamomile basically anywhere, but the plant thrives best in a sunny spot.

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How to care for your chamomile plants

Chamomile requires relatively little care. Water regularly only during dry periods.

When and how to harvest chamomile?

Chamomile can be harvested a few months after sowing. Depending on the time of sowing, from June to September. It is best to wait until the plant fully blooms and then harvest the flowers.

How to preserve chamomile

Chamomile can be frozen, but this way the aroma will be almost completely lost. Therefore, drying is much better and more natural, better preserving chamomile's aroma and health effects.

Is chamomile healthy?

Chamomile is a true herbal medicine. It can help with various ailments:

  • It has a mild anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect. For example, in inflamed or poorly healing wounds, diaper rash and some mild skin infections.
  • It also has a mild relaxing effect on the stomach and intestines.

It is mainly used for gastrointestinal complaints, sore throats, coughs, colds, nervousness, mouth infections and skin complaints.

But: Unfortunately, its effectiveness has not been adequately proven and it does not work for all people.

Chamomile seeds in our collection

Chamomile seeds are very small seeds with a small round bottom and tapered, to a point, top. You could almost say a flat flower bulb, but very small. The seeds have a long shelf life. In our webshop, we have 2 types of chamomile seeds:

  • Organic chamomile seeds.
  • 'Regular' chamomile seeds.

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Tips to grow chamomile

Chamomile cuttings

Propagating chamomile by cuttings is neither recommended nor necessary. Chamomile seeds itself easily. If you don't pay attention to this, chamomile plants will pop up everywhere.