Sowing Chamomile

Growing chamomile is very easy to do. You can grow chamomile everywhere and it will give you beautiful flowers with a nice scent. 

Chamomile in the vegetable garden

Chamomile is a herb that you can grow anywhere, including in the vegetable garden. Chamomile is an annual plant however, it usually comes back every year since it self-seeds so readily.

When to sow chamomile

You can sow chamomile from mid-March. It is wise to sow directly in the ground. A great thing about sowing chamomile is that the seeds can start growing even after a long time. Chamomile never disappoints you. Chamomile gives beautiful flowers that can grow up to 70 cm and have a lovely scent.

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How to sow chamomile

The question of how to sow chamomile is actually quite simple. Sow the seeds with a space of 25cm between the seeds. The seeds are very small, so place them at the surface and cover lightly with soil.  If you sow to deep the seeds will not germinate. Keep the soil moist but not soggy. You can also start indoors. Place 3 seeds per cultivation pot, moisten the seeds and later you can transplant the chamomile into the ( vegetable ) garden. Transplanting can normally take place 4 weeks after sowing. Keep a temperature of about 15° to 20° degrees during germination.

Where to sow chamomile

You can sow chamomile anywhere, but the plant thrives best in a sunny spot.

Chamomile seeds 

Chamomile seeds are very small and they look a bit like a flat flower bulb. You can store and use the seeds for a very long time.

In our webshop we have 2 types of chamomile seeds;

  • Organic chamomile seeds
  • Common chamomile seeds

Chamomile cuttings

It’s not advised to grow chamomile from cuttings. This plant grows very quickly and reseeds itself. If you leave a few flowers in the garden to set seed then they will sow themselves next season. 

Freeze or dry chamomile

It is possible to freeze Chamomile but we would certainly not advise to do this because the taste will disappear. That is why drying chamomile is a better option. Dried chamomile will keep it’s flavor for up to a year if it's stored in an clean air-tight glass jar.

Is chamomile healthy?

Chamomile has a lot of health benefits. For example:

  •  It has a mild anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect. It also has a slightly relaxing effect on the stomach and intestines.
  • It is often used for stomach and intestinal complaints, sore throat, cough, colds, nervousness, mouth infections and skin complaints. Such as inflamed wounds, diaper eczema and some minor skin infections. Unfortunately it doesn’t work for everyone.

Growing herbs

Growing herbs is a healthy activity. Besides that you are actively involved, it is also wonderful to always have fresh herbs around. Almost all herbs have a medicinal effect and health benefits. In the webshop of Dutch Garden Seeds we have more than 40 different types of herb seeds. Of these, there are about 15 Organic herb seeds.

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