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Chamomile seeds

Chamomile seeds are tiny seeds that are light brown in colour. There are several claims that the effects of chamomile are quite diverse, however these opinions are divided. Chamomile has its own 'smell' that we personally do like. Especially when they are in boiled water. We have written a detailed sowing instruction page on how to sow chamomile seeds. Clicking HERE will take you to this page.

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2,29 inc tax
2,29 inc tax

Chamomile uses in the kitchen

Chamomile is mainly used as a tea. But it can also be used to make an oil or macerate. Chamomile is used as a herbal medicine. It can help with various ailments, such as gastrointestinal complaints, coughing, sore throat, and skin infections.

Buy chamomile seeds in our web shop

In our webshop for garden and vegetable seeds, you can buy 2 types of chamomile seed. Organic chamomile seed and the 'normal chamomile seed', from the brand 'Buzzy Seeds'. Both of course with delicious end results.

Shop your seeds easily online

You can easily buy your herbs seeds in the web shop of ’Dutch Garden Seeds’. Many types of herbs can be sown, grown and harvested all year round.

Cultivating herbs is a nice, relaxing way to spend your spare time, especially when you think of the future results.  Browse our collection at ’Dutch Garden Seeds‘, where you will find our complete range (over 40 varieties) of herb seeds.