Growkit Organic sprouts Glass Bowl

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Sowing instructions

Sprinkle a thin layer of seeds onto the wire mesh and rinse carefully under the tap. Fill the glass bowl with water ut to the level of the wire mesh and leave at room temperature. Change the water every day. After 5 till 8 days you can eat the sprouts wich wil be around 5-8cm in length.

Keep sprouts in the refrigerator where they will remain fresh for up to one week.

These sprouting grow kit Glass bowl is ideal for growing your own sprouts or sprouting seeds. Very simple and what is even more important you grow all very nice fresh organic sprouts on your own. Within this kit is free bag of rocket sprouting seeds.

Rocket sprouting seeds

The young leaves of the sprouting seeds you have a wonderful nutty flavor. Combines twith ham, cream cheese, smoked salmon and salads. Even as a garnish for meat and pasta dishes. Rocket is rich in iron and contains vitamins A and C.