Sowing and growing Asparagus

There are different types and colors of asparagus, white, green and purple. But what's the difference? White asparagus grows underground. That is why you grow them in beds raised with sand. Asparagus that grow above the ground turn purple or green under the influence of light.

Whether an asparagus turns purple or green when grown above the ground is determined by the variety.

Sowing and growing asparagus

It takes some effort to grow asparagus from seeds, but the final result is worth it. It takes at least 3 years before the first asparagus can be harvested.

In the first year, the seeds grow into asparagus plants with crowns. These plants are pruned back in the fall.

In the second year the crowns must be dug up in the spring and placed in their final position.  Let the plant grow to it's  full potential and prune back in the fall.

At the beginning of the third year, you will raise the beds. In this year you can start harvesting carefully. Do leave some parts left of the asparagus, so that the crowns can develop further.

For those with less patience, you can also buy crowns, from which you can start harvesting 2 years after planting.

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Planting spot and soil>

Since asparagus plants remain in the same place for at least 10 years, it is very important to choose a good planting spot. So keep this in mind when planning your (vegetable) garden. Asparagus needs a lot of sunlight and nutrients. It is also important that the soil is permeable to water, which prevents rotting of the roots and is loose so that the asparagus can grow upwards.

Sowing and planting asparagus

Sow the seeds in rows with a distance of 10 cm between the rows. Thin the plants to about 5 cm apart after the seeds have germinated. The location is less important at this moment because they are still being transplanted. However, make sure they are in a sunny spot with well-drained, fertile soil. 

When transplanting at the beginning of the second year, it is important to prepare the soil well. The roots of the plants are now dug up and planted elsewhere. Dig deep trenches and fill them with plenty of compost. Then put the crowns in. Keep a distance of at least 70 cm between the rows and 25-30 cm between the plants.

In the third year, the spears are made. To prevent them from growing crooked, it is important that the spears receive the same amount of sun on both sides.

The ridges must be removed each year after harvest in the fall. Do this with lots of compost.

You do not need to create ridges to grow green or purple asparagus. However, it is also important for the green and purple asparagus to enrich the soil with compost every year

Taking care of asparagus

In the first year, it is sufficient to remove the weeds, regularly weed and water the soil. In the following years it is important to construct the ridges correctly. Keep a close eye on the fact that asparagus do not like soil that is too wet. After a long time without rain, it often seems that the plant needs water because the ridges have dried out. But keep in mind that the asparagus is much deeper!

Regular fertilization with an organic fertilizer is important.

The green and purple asparagus do not need ridges.

When can you harvest asparagus?

You can harvest the first asparagus from the third year after sowing. Do not harvest all the asparagus in once, so that the crowns can develop further. You can tell where you can start harvesting white asparagus from the cracks that appear in the ridges. Use a special asparagus cutter for harvesting. The green or purple ones are easier to harvest because they are visible above the ground. You can cut these just above the ground when they are about 25 cm long. Harvest until the longest day and after that let the plant continue to grow.

Store asparagus

Wrapped in a damp cloth or paper towel, asparagus can be kept in the fridge for about 5 days.

Asparagus can also be frozen. Clean them before freezing and freeze them raw. Blanching is not necessary. They can be kept for about half a year. Do not thaw before use, but use immediately.

Are asparagus healthy?

Asparagus is also seen as a superfood. They are low in calories, high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. However, part disappears during cooking, so the shorter the cooking time, the healthier!

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Tip : Always store asparagus in a damp cloth after harvesting. This prevents dehydration.

Use the skins and cuts to make soup!

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