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New in stock! Bimi Broccoli seeds and Onion Exhibition seeds!

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New in stock! Bimi Broccoli seeds and Onion Exhibition seeds!

Dear Garden Friends,

The news of the day is, of course, the Covid-19 infections. This affects many of us, either directly or indirectly. To 'forget' all this for a moment, gardening is a very good occupation. Most of us will have emptied the garden by now and/or even made it ready for the winter. We also see that a number of them are already working on a garden plan for next spring. Of course this is also a nice activity in this strange time. Otherwise take a look at the website:

Johnsons World Kitchen Seeds

In the past we have had a large selection of this brand. At that time we stopped using this brand because it was getting harder and harder to get fresh seeds. But... Now we are the only Dutch webshop with 2 of the best varieties back in stock! We have 100 bags of both varieties. We don't know if these can be reordered later on. Would you like to be sure of the availability.... they can be ordered now. Shelf life at least until 2024.