New Organic Seeds! More than 110 different Organic seeds!


Dear Gardening Friends, 

The weather is just not what it should be... It remains cold, rainy, sometimes hail but fortunately also sunny from time to time. In principle, the weather is conducive to growth, but for many species it is actually just too cold for growing outside. Think, for example, of the tomatoes and sweetpeppers. Despite the fact that it has been ice saints, sometimes there is still ice coming from the sky ;-) 

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New varieties of organic seeds

We have added some more organic seeds to our assortment. We are trying to add more and more different organic seeds to the assortment. At the moment we even have more than 110 pieces! 

How to grow vegetables...?

We are busy to upgrate our website. In the coming few weeks we will add new kind of text on how to grow different types of vegetables. But the first improvements are there. You can already take a look at itCLICK HERE