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Flower seeds biennial

Mixtures of flowers...wonderful to see but also a paradise for bees and butterflies.

The Biennial flowers are sown a little later than the Annual species (June-July) and bloom early in the following spring. Well-known flower species are for example the Viola, Foxglove and Hollyhock. Some flower mixtures consist of annual, biennial and perennial flower seeds.


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Biennial flower seeds easy to grow?

It is relatively easy to grow flowers from biennial seeds. In some cases, the plants will produce beautiful flowers in the first year. The flowers can then survive the winter if you treat them correctly during the cold days.

Which flower seeds to buy?

There are many kinds of flower seeds. First it is important to know if you prefer a species that stays low or if you have a species that grows high. Next, the colours you like are also important. In our webshop we have 250 kinds of flower seeds.