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Where is the best place to buy seeds online? This is a question that you can answer the best by yourself, but often reviews already give a good indication whether an online shop can meet the needs of the customer. At the time of writing, the web shop of has a score of 9.3. This is an excellent score from more then 3000 different reviews.
Buying seeds is usually one of the first funny things you will do when you want to grow your own vegetables, herbs or flowers. Moreover, you can often find a lot of information on the site where you can buy the seeds. Just like where the seeds comes from and how you can sow the best our seeds.

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Organic Seeds

In our webshop we currently have more than 175 different kinds of organic seeds. These 'organic' seeds are among others from the brand Buzzy Seeds but also 25 items of the Bolster. In both cases they are organic seeds that have a SKAL quality mark and the ECO quality mark and are therefore registered. Some of the organic seed varieties are F1 hybrid varieties. These strains can show strange characteristics when the seeds of the fruits are re-grown. Think of F1 hybrid root seeds, f1 hybrid zucchini seeds, f1 hybrid tomato seeds and many more. Do you want to buy organic seeds?

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Vegetable Seeds

There are many types of vegetable seeds and there are also many different brands of which you can buy the seeds. The Dutch Garden Seeds webshop has more than 250 different types of vegetable seeds in stock. If you grow your own vegetables from seeds you have sown by yourself, you will always be a little more proud and, last but not least, the vegetables often taste much better than the vegetables you bought in the supermarket. Yes, growing vegetables from your own vegetable seeds is fun, educational and a very nice hobby. Want to buy seeds directly?

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Herb Seeds

Growing herbs from your own herbal seeds can be a lot of fun. Often these plants are a lot stronger than if you buy for example herbal plants in the supermarket. In addition, you can buy 40 different types of herbal seeds in our webshop. We also have 15 types of organic herbal seeds on stock! With 1 bag of herbal seeds you often have enough for an entire season or even several seasons. It is also possible to grow herbal seeds in the winter in the house or at the heated greenhouse. Want to buy herbal seeds?

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Flower Seeds

Buying flower seeds in the webshop of Dutch Garden Seeds should not be a problem. We have more than 250 types of flower seeds in stock. The flowers can be divided into 1-year, 2-year and perennial flowers. Each type of flower has a different type of seeds. To give an example, the sunflower seeds are quite large, while the seeds of the livingstone daisy are very small. You can also buy seeds that consist of a combination of both. For example, you can often vary the colours and heights of your garden. Sachets of flower seeds are also sent free of charge if you place an order higher than 25 euros. We can't make it any nicer, can we?

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