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Thyme seeds

Thyme seeds are brown/black and actually look like small nuts. These seeds grow into a nice little plant with woody stems. You can use the plant in many dishes. This herb differs from other herbs in that they can be taken at the start when preparing a meal. In principle, do not use too much, as the taste can be strong. Want more background information on growing thyme and whether thyme is healthy etc? Then take a look at this page: Growing Thyme

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Buy thyme seeds

In the Dutch Garden Seeds webshop, you can buy 2 types of thyme seeds. Organic thyme seeds and winter thyme of the buzzy brand.

Buy Herbs seeds

The complete range of herb seeds in the online store of Dutch Garden Seeds consists more than 40 types of herb seeds. Many types of herb seeds you can sow and harvest all year round. Buying herbs seeds is a nice way of passing the time, especially with the future result in your mind. Buy herbs seeds in the web shop of Dutch Garden Seeds easy and secure.