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Mint seeds

With these peppermint seeds, grow delicious peppermint for use in tea, for example. Delicious and reasonably easy to grow in your vegetable garden. After taking off the leaves, new ones appear all the time, so this mint is harvestable for a long time and the plant is perennial.

Mint is easy to grow yourself. It is a perennial plant, which dies back over the winter and new shoots start to sprout in spring. The plant can grow strongly, which is why it is often grown in pots or containers. Mint can be harvested regularly by cutting twigs or leaves. The plant grows back quickly. Mint plants keep mosquitoes away but attract bees and other important insects. How wonderful it is to drink a fresh cup of mint tea from your own garden!

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2,29 inc tax
2,29 inc tax

Mint uses in cooking and at the kitchen

Mint can of course be used to make tea, but it is also used in numerous other dishes. Especially in Arabic, Indian, Greek and Turkish cuisine, mint is commonly used. It can be added to salads, soups, sauces, lamb dishes, and couscous. Or a delicious (non-alcoholic) cocktail. Mint is also delicious in desserts, whether or not in combination with chocolate and can be made into syrup. Dip some mint leaves in liquid chocolate and let it harden. This way, you've made your own after-eight.

Buy mint seeds in our web shop

Buying mint seeds in our webshop is done with a few clicks. Our seeds are always fresh and have a long shelf life. Isn't it nice to enjoy a fresh cup of mint tea with mint from your own garden while sitting in the garden?