Godetia Azalea Flowered Seeds

The summer azalea is a magnificent species that blooms many large flowers. In our webshop we sell the flower seeds of the summer azalea which goes by the name Salmon Princess. This flower type can grow up to 40 cm high and is suitable both as a plant and as a cut flower.Read more
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Sowing summer azalea flower seeds

Summer azelea can be sown from April to June. It is an annual flower variety and sowing in April usually means that you will have flowers from late June/early July. With proper care, you can enjoy this beautiful flowering plant until autumn.

The summer azalea likes poor soil. Fertilising is therefore not necessary, nor is fertilising potting soil recommended. Growing in a sunny spot is recommended. These flowers are strong and can thrive with minimal watering.

Latin name of the summer azalea

The Latin name is: Godetia whitneyi. This flower species is also known as: Clarkia amoena