Scarlet Flax

Scarlet Flax is really a beautiful plant. There are different kinds of colors of the Scarlet flax. The flowering of flax is in June and July. It is an annual plant.

Flax growss very well in open fields or along unused pieces of land. It is also sown a lot on soil where earlier in the year a crop was already being improved and left to rest. Flax especially likes the sun. 

2 kinds of Scarlet Flax seeds

In our assortment we currently have 2 kinds of the Scarlet Flax flower seeds; Red Flowering Flax flower seeds & the Flax Bright Eyes Flower seeds. Both are great to have in the garden!

Sowing the Scarlet Flax flower seeds

Sow from late March in the garden in rows or scattered. Cover the seeds with a thin layer of sowing soil or carefully rake the seeds in the ground. Keep well moist and free of weeds. From sowing to flowering flowers takes about 70 days. 

1,59 inc tax
1,59 inc tax