Ornamental Gourds

Ornamental gourds are mostly annuals that have become increasingly popular in recent years. Some ornamental gourds are also edible. Usually, ornamental gourd seeds are quite pricey.Read more
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The fruit of the ornamental gourd
Gourds are generally plants with long creeping or climbing stems. The fruits have many shapes: from round to bottle-shaped. There are species with a hard shell, such as the calabash, and there are species with a soft shell.

Types of ornamental gourds
In our web shop we have several varieties of ornamental gourds, think of the turkish bonnet, small and large fruit gourds mix, ornamental gourds crown of thorns and the turkish bonnet gourd seeds of the brand world kitchen.

Growing of the decorative gourds
Put the seeds upright in the soil and water well for a few days. From then on, you will see that it goes fast. The gourd actually needs a lot of space. It grows long stems with flowers that give the fruits.

Where to buy Ornamental Gourds?
Of course, in the Dutch Garden Seeds webshop.