Cauliflower Seeds

Cauliflower is a vegetable that belongs to the genus Kool from the Cross Flowers Family. Cauliflower seeds of buzzy seeds are one of the best in town! To grow good cauliflowers, it is useful to have some additional information about cauliflower growing.


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Patience will be rewarded, because cauliflower seeds that you have sown in mid-April will give beautiful white cauliflowers around the end of September that are very tasty when cooked or cooked in oil. 

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5 different species of cauliflower seeds

In our garden seeds webshop we sell 5 different species of cauliflower seeds:  

  • cauliflower seeds alpha, 
  • cauliflower seeds Autumn Giant 2, 
  • cauliflower seeds Violet
  • cauliflower seeds Walcheren
  • cauliflower seeds Green Minaret


The cauliflower grows best when it has a little space. The space should be at least 50x50x50cm, but 60x60x60cm is better.