Chervil Seeds

Chervil Seeds

Real chervil is a perennial plant from the umbelliferous family. This variety is widely grown and sometimes feral. The screens are composed of white flowers that bloom fairly early. The plant can reach a height of 1 meter. The smooth stalks are hollow and only over the buttons are hairy. The screen rays are also hairy.


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Chervil in the kitchen

Real chervil is used as a kitchen herb. In Belgium chervil soup is a well-known speciality. For herbal cultivation, usually annual plants are used. Before flowering, the leaves are most aromatic. There are a number of plant species that are very similar to chervil but are toxic, such as mad chervil (Chaerophyllum temulum). This plant owes its name to the fact that cows when they eat a lot of it behave like drunks.

Be aware: The spotted shaver (Conium maculatum) is also toxic. It was used by the ancient Greeks to carry out a death sentence.