Kohlrabi Seeds

Kohlrabi seeds that we sell in our webshop is of the brand buzzy seeds; kohlrabi larno white


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4,99 inc tax

Information about kohlrabi from wikipedia:

Kohlrabi, also known as "meiknol", is a vegetable that probably come from northern Europe. It is one of the many forms of cabbage cultivation, which consists of a cross between wild cabbage and wild white beet. The tuber used for the kohlrabi is hypototyl (a thickening of the stem) and is therefore not a carrot. Koolrabi are usually found in a light green but sometimes also in a purple form of cultivation. These two forms do not have a different taste. The tuber must be harvested at an early stage, when it is 7 to 8 cm in diameter, otherwise it will become fibrous. There is also a variety, White giant kohlrabi, which gives very large tubers.