Cucumber Seeds

The cucumber is a fruit that is eaten mainly raw as salad in the Netherlands and Belgium. The cucumber seeds grow best under glass, so in the greenhouse. A little explanation how to grow is always handy.

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Cucumber seeds Euphoria F1 hybrid 14% discount
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The cucumber plant is annual and can still deliver dozens of cucumbers. The cultivated cucumber only has female flowers, which without fertilization or pollination cucumber grows.

In our shop we sell the following types of cucumber seeds: Cucumber seeds Fidelio F1 Hybrid, Cucumber seeds Giganta / Johanna, Cucamelon cucumber seeds and the snack cucumber seeds Iznik F1 (small cucumbers) + one Organic Cucumber seeds variety.

The cucumber plant

The plant has large leaves that grow over the fruits. The plant is a climbing plant with adhesive tendrils, but can also be grown horizontally growing on the ground. Before there were greenhouses the cucumbers were grown on forcing frames under flat glass. Later the flat glass was put upright and formed a greenhouse. In glasshouse horticulture, the plants are guided upwards along a binding wire. In the Netherlands and Belgium, cucumbers are now available all year round in heated greenhouses (since around 1960).