Swede Seeds

Swede or Garden Turnip is a vegetable that belongs to the genus cabbage from the crucifixion family.

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The young leaf is also eaten under the name of cuticle or cut charcoal. The kohlrabi still does not eat much and falls into the category "forgotten vegetables".

We sell 2 types Swede or Garden Turnip seeds: English yellow red head (buzzy seeds) and the garden turnip white red head (Horti Tops)

Sowing Swede or Garden Turnip seeds at you vegetable garden:

Turnip is sown as well as planted out on site and can be grown on all soil types, but best in light clay soils. As a rule, turnips are sown at the beginning of June in the field, as sowing in the past gives woody tubers. The tubers can be stored at 1°C for up to six months. The tubers are peeled and cut into chips and eaten.
Swedes need a lot of boron. Boron deficiency is manifested by vitreous stains, a rough, corky tuber surface and hollow heads. Too much nitrogen gives a less good taste. The Chilisalpeter fertiliser also contains boron.