Gardenturnip Seeds

Turnip is an old vegetable that belongs to the "forgotten" vegetables in the Netherlands. The garden turnip seeds are almost exclusively grown by the amateur gardener and in organic agriculture.


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1,59 inc tax
1,59 inc tax

Garden turnips are eaten fresh and can also be used in salads. Some varieties of turnip can grow to a weight of more than 1 kg.

Turnip as stem tuber or root tuber?

The turnip is botanically seen as a stem tuber. Some consider this turnip to be the root tubers, because the lower part of the tuber is formed by the root and only the upper part by the stem. The taproot is thin and app.10 cm long.  "The Flat White May" can be sown earliest, because it is not very sensitive to forming a flowering stem (overshooting). The variety has large, incised leaves and a flat, white-yellow tuber with a green head.