Red Cabbage Seeds

Red cabbage is one of the most important head cabbage crops and is grown mainly for the fresh market. It's one of the oldest cabbage varieties. Traditionally, it is grown in Noord-Holland because it is not affected by tuber foot.


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This can also be found in the names of the breeds, such as Langendijker Allervroegste, Langerdijker Herfst and Langendijker Bewaar. We currently sell red cabbage seeds of the following two varieties: Red cabbage seeds Langedijk (winter) and the red cabbage seeds Redhead

Red cabbage in the kitchen

Boiled, red cabbage is one of the traditional winter vegetables. Red cabbage is usually cut or grated. The boiling time is then at least 20 minutes in plenty of water. To soften the cabbage, sometimes a small amount of vinegar is added. The taste can be adjusted by adding cloves, laurels, cinnamon and/or sugar, red wine and, above all, apple cut into cubes. Rainforests can also be an addition. Sometimes the cabbage is bound with cornstarch or flour. In traditional Dutch cuisine, red cabbage is a good match for red meat and Fish.