Gherkin Seeds

Gherkin Seeds: Just like the cucumber, the gherkin belongs to the Cucumis sativus variety, but the breeds are different. The gherkin grown from your own seeds must not have a taste of its own; the cucumber taste must be completely absent. If you want more sowing information about the gherkin, you can click HERE


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Growing the Gherkin

Cultivation takes place flat fields or on thread. In the past, cross-pollination was needed, but nowadays there are also varieties of gherkin (parthenocarpe varieties) that fruit fruit without pollination. The fruit is short and is mainly used for pickling vinegar, with or without sugar and various herbs to influence the taste. The fruit must have a length/thickness ratio of approximately 3:1 and must not be abdominal, tapered, warty or coarse. Various fruit sizes are distinguished, such as' very fine',' fine' and' medium-fine'. The largest fruits are used for the acidic bombs. The gherkin is also used for making rollmops.

Gherkin seeds sold by Dutch Garden Seeds

Dutch Garden Seeds currently sells 2 varieties of gherkin seeds: Hokus and the small sharp green. Both are from the brand buzzy seeds.