Purslane Seeds

Purselane is an annual plant belonging to the Purseline family and is native to India and the Middle East. The rising form of purslane is used as a vegetable in Asia, Suriname and in Europe (only in the Netherlands).

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In Iran the vegetable has been eaten for more than 2000 years. There are also cultivars with large flowers for the ornamental garden.


Purslane grows 5 to 50 cm high and has scattered, standing, fleshy leaves. The wild purslane has lying, smooth, reddish stems and the cultivated ascending. Purslane forms a taproot. The plant flowers in the Netherlands in the wild from June to autumn with yellow 12mm large flowers. The flowers bloom in the morning for only a few hours. The fruit is a versatile box fruit that opens with a lid. The black purslane seeds are edible.

The medicinal effect of purslane

Purslane also has a medicinal effect. In Greece it was a popular medicine. They used it for blockages and inflammations of the urinary tract. It also has a fever-reducing effect. Postelein also relieves stomach acid burning.